becomingART / alexander corrie

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i am a freelance mainly self taught designer, portrait photographer, website designer, graphic artist and video maker based in east london.

becomingART evolved from a pastime to a profession in 2008 and was inspired through my curiosity to learn basic photoshop  initially to improve and edit pictures I had taken with my camera.  

after an introductory lesson in the classroom to get me started, I began to play with the software tools and experiment with the vast array of effects which could be created by digitally manipulating images.  
i soon discovered that even a dull photograph quickly becomes something more interesting or even an abstraction with a little imagination. 

  ' becomingART ' came to mind as an appropriate moniker for describing my output of work in taking an ordinary image, portrait, film or a website and transforming it into something different, personal and sometimes unrecognisable.

i felt it naturally summed up not only the process of evolution into something different but also the finished piece of work which I hope becomes something improved, intriguing, less obscure and at best is something which can arguably be considered ' becoming ! '

alexander corrie